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Note: The print maps are not up to date; check  online map for updates.

Did you know that there are 49 places in Chacala offering accommodation. There are 18 restaurants in and around Chacala which will be happy to serve you a meal. There are 3 shops which will sell you fish and shrimp. And much more.

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The map below contains a total of 103 place markers. Some of the markers, like those showing medical services, are as far away as Las Varas. Below the map is a complete list of all the markers and the information that they contain. Click on any item in the list and it will take you to that location on the map and display the information or a photo associated with that place. Each marker is “clickable” for the additional information it contains. To explore the map using your mouse, click and hold down your mouse to move the map around to see the hidden markers.

At the top of the map there is a drop-down list which is labeled “Filter by”. With this feature you are able to select the category of place marker you are interested in. If, for example, you are interested in a place to stay in Chacala then select “Accommodation” from the list. Now, only those places offering accommodation will be displaced on the map and in the list below.

There is also a “Search” feature at the bottom right of the map. If you know the name or even part of the name then enter that information into the search box and you will see one or more places in the list that contain your search words.

This map and the Las Varas map are a result of the efforts of Lance Thorne and Bob Varaleau. Both of us were inspired by Gordon Preston who was referred to as the unofficial Gringo mayor of Chacala. Gordon passed away a couple of years ago. Without Bob all of the maps, and this renovated website would not have been possible. He passed away in November 2015. I miss them both every day. I give thanks for their friendship love and help!!

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Clinica de Salud (Health clinic - Chacala)Doctors & Hospitals
As of October 2014 the village of Chacala has a new doctor. His name is Josel and he speaks very good English. The clinic is open 7 days a week from 9am to 1:30pm and 4pm to 7pm.Cell Phone - 664-355-5894 24 hour emergencies.
Health Clinic: Servicious de Salud (Las Varas)Doctors & HospitalsOpen 24 hours. Health clinic that is the same organization as the one in Chacala. Lots of health care professionals. Cost effective in comparison with IMSS hospital.
Hospital: IMSS (Las Varas)Doctors & Hospitals24 hour. More expensive than the health clinic. No X-ray machine in Las Varas as of June 2013. Gringos can get medical insurance if they have a residency card.
M.D.G. Fernando Olivia; Medical Doctor (Las Varas)Doctors & HospitalsTraditional doctor's office. He speaks fair English.
Doctor Sanchez (Las Varas)Doctors & Hospitals24 hour home visits. Call 327-103-5910. He speaks english. His office is upstairs with Labratorio San Rafael.
Chacala Real EstateAgents - Rentals & Real Estate
Chacala Vacation RentalsAgents - Rentals & Real Estate
Chacala Villas.comAgents - Rentals & Real Estate
Blu Orchid MassageServices
You can't go wrong with a legendary massage by Cielo "Massage melts all of what feels are separate parts of our body together creating a space for deep Healing; a stronger sense of well being and wholeness back to our consciousness.
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Email -
Phone -  52.327.219.4015 (Hotel Las Brisas)
Cell Phone -  951.234.1568 (USA)

Chacala Escape (Taxi & Tours)Services
Navi SpaServicesTel - 327-109-6594
E-mail -
Lavanderia Hernandez (Laundrey)Services
Koranay (Hardware)Services
House of Eagles (Toltec)Services
Adriana's PedicuresServices
Casa Mirador - Transportation, Launches for fishing and whale watching
Galeria Los ArcosServicesTel - 327 108 3300
AngelesGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
El Joker - JuanGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Fish Market - NelyGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & TortillasTel - 327-219-4049
Jorge Deposito (Beer & Snacks)Groceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & TortillasTel - 327-219-4102
Chacala Mini-SuperGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & TortillasTel - 327-102-7707
Abarrote Los AngelesGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Deposito Kokobongos 2Groceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Pescaderia Guicho'sGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Aurora DepositoGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Tienda La CurvinaGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Pescaderia MariferGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Dos Hermanos TortilleriaGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & Tortillas
Fresh Made Tortillas.
Orofino GatePlaces of Interest
Las CuavasPlaces of Interest
El DivisadaroPlaces of Interest
La CaletaPlaces of Interest
Port CaptainPlaces of Interest
Catholic ChurchPlaces of Interest
CampgroundPlaces of InterestCamping and parking
Chacala DockPlaces of Interest
Isabela's Cafe - (Chabela)RestaurantsTel- 327-219-4083
Surfer's PizzaRestaurantsSurfer's pizza rents kayaks, paddle boards and takes people on surf trips.
Mar Tres LoncheriaRestaurants
Acela'sRestaurantsTel - 327-103-9546
Isidro'sRestaurantsTel - 327-219-4020
Chac Mool CafeRestaurants
Quezada RestaurantRestaurants
Loncheria YesyRestaurants
Tres Hermanos RestaurantRestaurants
Delfin RestaurantRestaurantsTel - 327-102-3290
Learning CenterSchools
Montasori Kindergarten PrivateSchools
Public Secondary SchoolSchools
Preescola - LD ColosidSchools
Casa Pacifica Accomodation, Accomodation with a Restaurant,Restaurants
Las Brisas Accomodation with a Restaurant, Accomodation,Restaurants
Majahua Accomodation with a Restaurant, Accomodation,RestaurantsPhone - 327-219-4053
Mar de Jade Accomodation with a Restaurant, Accomodation,Restaurants
Fresh Breeze Inn Accomodation
3 really nice suites. Digital wall safes, Internet service, purified water through out the Inn, ocean views, in house owner manager
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Email -
Phone -  011-521-327-103-0662 (Can & US)
Phone -  327-103-0662 (Mexico)

Villa Cascada de Flores Accomodation
Casa Caballito del Mar Accomodation
Satow Bungalows AccomodationTel - 327-219-4111
Villas Aramara Accomodation
Casa Aurora Techos AccomodationTel - 327-219-4027
E-mail -
Hotel Paraiso Escondido Accomodation
Casa de Concha AccomodationTel - 327-219-4019
Casa Chacala Accomodation
Hotel Posada Sarahi Accomodation
Mar de Coral Accomodation
Casa Bambu AccomodationTwo nice suites for rent with a hardware store on the street level. Casa Bambu is close to the beach and restaurants.
Estrella del Mar AccomodationA very nice place close to the beach. Excellent house keeping.
Casa Guadalupe Accomodation
Villa Del Mar Accomodation
Villa Celeste AccomodationPhone - 327-219-4114
Phone - 327-103-4054
Casa Mirador AccomodationPhone - 327-219-4073
Villas Ula Maya AccomodationTel - 327-219-5025
Cell - 327-109-2983
Casa de Tortugas Accomodation
Casa Magica AccomodationTel - 327-104-3391
Cell - 327-104-3391
Casa Maria Accomodation
Casa Gracia Accomodation
Casa Monarca Accomodation
Casa Maria Jose AccomodationTel - 327-103-0162
Buena Vista AccomodationTel - 327-219-4051
Cel - 327-103-4045
Casa Antonia AccomodationTwo apartments with air conditioning, Sky TV and wireless internet. Phone # 327-219-4051. Some English. Antonia also manages and rents the Buena Vista next door.
Villa Linda Vista Accomodation
Villa Del Mar Accomodation
Villa Carolyna AccomodationVilla Carolyna is an architectural masterpiece. Its panoramic views make you say ‘Wow’ the moment you arrive. This 4 bedroom villa is distributed over 4 floors and is entirely wheelchair accessible. Daily maid service is included and a cook is available at a reasonable rate per day. Sleeps up to 14.
Casa Pikin AccomodationTel - 327-978-2098
Hotel Posada Guadalajara AccomodationTel - 327-219-4011
Cristy Bungalows Accomodation
Las Glorias Accomodation
Casa Norma AccomodationTel - 327-272-1816
Habataciones Puerto Chacala Accomodation
Casa Bambu #2 AccomodationTel - 327-103-0153
E-mail -
Terri's Bungalow AccomodationTel - 327-978-1673
Casa Beatriz AccomodationTel - 327-219-4005
Casa Sirena Bungalow Accomodation
Casa Vida Accomodation
Chacala Beach House AccomodationTel - 327-219-4084
Seashell Hotel AccomodationMex-327-219-4016
USA - 775-901-6232
Casa Alegria Accomodation
Mar De Coral Elite AccomodationTel - 327-108-7327
Casa De Angeles AccomodationTel - 327-219-4017
Kiki's Comfort Inn AccomodationOver 30 hotel rooms half with oceaan view
Bungalow Dorothy's AccomodationFour apartments with kitchens each with a unique theme, small pool and fountain
El Jardencito de Jade AccomodationAbout 12 basic rentals, some with simple kitchens
Xplore ChacalaServicesGuide service , Birding, Rental of kayaks & paddle Boards 327 105 3504
Fruits & Vegies: Sarita HermoxaGroceries, Beer, Snacks, Fish & TortillasSometimes have organic eggs; some refrigerated items, largest fruit & vegetable selection in Chacala
Bungalows Maria Antonela AccomodationNew, nice bungalows with kitchens, 12 units
Casa Cantera AccomodationLarge accommodation newly remodeled with kitchen and pool

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