Getting To The Inn

The closest international airport to fly into is Puerto Vallarta. (PVR)

From the airport you can:

  • Request pickup service from the airport through Lance –  There is a totally legal business here in Chacala that has vans for this purpose.  The price is around $125 US for from 1 to 4 people.  Contact Lance to get definite price quote.
  • Take a taxi –  You can use the taxi kiosk as you come into the airport after the customs check.  The price can range from about $100 to 120 US.  If you use the pedestrian overpass bridge to cross the road in front of the airport and walk to the north a short way you can probably get a better price.
  • Rent a car –  Easily done at the airport; but you can probably get a better deal online.  Gecko car rental often gives the best rate and very personal service. Driving in Mexico is dangerous because some of the rules are different.  Drive north along Hwy 200 for approximately 90 minutes.  Watch for a sign for Chacala which is west, or a left turn.  If you reach Las Varas you have gone a few miles to far. Pull off on the left side of the road and wait for cars to pass before making your left hand turn toward Chacala; otherwise you will get hit from behind. The rules are different here in Mexico…
  • Take a bus – Take a taxi to the Pacifico bus station.  Get a bus to Las Varas. From the Las Varas bus station walk two short blocks south (the direction you came from on the east side which is the same side of the road you arrived on from Puerto Vallarta ) and catch a Chacala Colectivo (Van) if it is before 6 p. m., or take a private taxi if it is later then 6pm.  (Chacala is about 12 kilometers (7 miles) south west from Las Varas) Total cost about $35 with colectivo or $45 with a regular taxi.

Once in Chacala:  Stay straight on Golfo de Mexico which is the road road that brings you into the village.  (Bottom right side of the map) On the right you will pass Chacala’s largest hotel: Hotel Paraiso Escondido.  Continue along the road about a city blocks length to the small red and white medical clinic on the left side of the road( taxi drivers know where the “Clinica de Salud” is)  Back up about 10 meters and look up the road and hill to the right (east) and you will see the Inn.