The Inn’s Guidelines

The Rules and Policies to make Everyone’s Stay a Positive Experience:
  • Checkout time is 11 am
  • The Inn has safe to drink water in all of it’s faucets due to a ultraviolet light and filtration system.
  • The wall safes in every Apartment are digitally programmable for your convenience.
  • Toilet paper can be safely flushed down the toilets at the Inn.
  • No smoking in the apartments or in common areas.
  • Please conserve energy. Turn off fans and lights when you leave the apartment and use water wisely. (Ceiling fans move the air around in the room, making you feel cooler, ┬ábut do not actually cool down the room temperature)
  • Please rinse sand off before entering the Inn.
  • Limit the noise after 10pm
  • Guests are required to wash their own dishes.
  • The rooms are cleaned and the sheets changed once a week; you can have the towels changed once or twice a week.
  • Please place compost and stinky wrappers in the red lidded air tight container.
  • The roof patio and back garden are available to guests and their friends.
  • Lance has boogie boards, beach umbrellas and chairs free for guests.
  • You can wash and dry your clothes for 50 pesos a load
  • Please give a generous tip to the maid

Please feel free to spe tip to tak with Lance if you have any questions, problems or if you are in need of information.

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