Las Varas Nyarit Business Maps For Gringos

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Note: the print map is not up to date, cross check with the online map below for changes and additionsLas Varas is a traditional Mexican town of about 14,000 residents. Be prepared to use your Spanish here. It does not cater to tourism but does offer many of the services tourists look for.

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Chacala is 12km from Las Varas and is sometimes referred to as a sister village. In Las Varas you can do your banking, shop for groceries, have a meal, go to the outdoor market every Friday on the west side of Highway 200, get your teeth fixed, buy furniture, put tires on your car, and much more. Prices are generally cheaper in Las Varas in comparison to prices in La Penita. There are a number of locations offering medical services as well. There is a local branch of the IMSS here which offers medical services as part of the Mexican health care service.

This map works the same as the Chacala Map. Use the “Filter by” drop down list to select the category of business you are looking for or go to the bottom of the list where a “Search” box will take you right to a business listing if you know the name or even part of the name. The list below the map will display all the place markers on the map or if you have selected a category using the “Filter by” feature it will show only the businesses in that category. Click on any item in the list and it will take you to the map and show you where it is on the map. Click any marker on the map and it will display the information for that location.

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Hospital: IMSSMedical & Emergencies24 hour. More expensive then the health clinic. No X-ray machine in Las Varas as of June 2013. Gringos can get medical insurance if they have a residency card.
Medical Clinic; Servicios De SaludMedical & EmergenciesOpen 24 hours. Health clinic that is the same organization as the one in Chacala. Lots of health care professionals. Cost effective in comparison with IMSS hospital.
M.D.G. Fernando Olivia; Medical DoctorHealth CareTraditional doctor office. He speaks fair English.
Pharmacy: BenevidaHealth CareLots of over the counter like items like you would find in the US or Canada.
DentistHealth Care
Dentist Teseo & OptometristHealth CareThe optometrist is a few shops further on.
Dentist: Dentista RamonHealth Care
Dentist, Dentista IleanaHealth CareSpeaks pretty good English. Four crowns, two root canals later and I'm still happy
Health Lab: Labratorio San RafealHealth CareDoes lab tests for diseases and health conditions. It is not necessary to have a doctors order to have these tests done in Mexico.
Natural Health Remedies: Tienda NaturistaHealth CareHerbal remedies 
Axel PharmacyHealth Care
Lab Tests: Hermad LabHealth CareBlood and urine tested. Part of a larger lab organization. You can have tests done without doctors permission in Mexico
Pharmacy: Farmacia GutierezHealth CareMercedes, the owner, can order just about any pharmacy related item. (almost no English)
Pharmacy:Farmo ProntoHealth CareLots of over the counter ;items like you would find in the US or Canada.
Generic Pharmacy: Farmacias GeneralHealth CareGeneric drugs.  Recommended by a chacala doctor to get generic quality drugs at a low price. 
Veterinarian; OrozcoHealth CareWill treat your house pets
Veterinarian; SandovalHealth CareWill treat house pets.
Groceries, All Sorts: Abarrotes LorenaGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenGood selection of fruits and Vegies; refrigerated items, canned goods, cleaning supplies.
Candy, Nuts: Dulceria ComenaGroceries - Fish - Meat - Chicken
Fruits & Vegies: Fruteria SanchezGroceries - Fish - Meat - Chicken
Groceries & Dry Goods: Aborrotes MXGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenLarge store; lots of cleaning supplies, bulk packaged grains,canned goods, beauty products, milk,yogurt, some veggies.
Fresh Corn Torillas: TortillariaGroceries - Fish - Meat - Chickenbig machine makes and spits out tortillas right before your very eyes....
Groceries: Abarrotes MonteonGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenGood selection of all types of groceries and refrigerated items.  Ask at the back counter: to have cheese cut; for fresher produce from the walk in freezer, for nuts and spices measured out
Groceries All Sorts: Aborrotes SaldwarGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenAsk for vegetables in walk in fridge: romaine lettuce, peppers, etc. Fruits, canned and dry goods, cleaning supplies, yogurt, cheese, milk, yacult a milk based probiotic.
Butcher; Monroy Gradilla CarnaceriaGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenNot refrigerated; but quite popular. Meat There is another popular butcher across the street.
Refrigerated Meat: Carneceria JaraGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenButcher with beef and pork.
Fresh Butchered Chicken: Polleria MurilloGroceries - Fish - Meat - Chicken Butchered in the shop; will sell any cut you want
Fresh Fish, Shrimp: Pescadera CoralGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenFresh fish and Shrimp from San Blas; flash frozen shrimp with head cut off. They often have fresh fish and shrimp cheviche
Grocery Store; La AbejaGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenLarge selection of dry goods, canned goods, refrigerated items and vegetables.
Large Super Market: Bodrga AurreraGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenOwned by Walmart; Much smaller then standard Walmart. No fresh fruits or vegetables.
Groceries; Rosita's AborrotesGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenRefrigerated items, dry and canned goods, fruit and veggies
Wendy's Repostero; Birthday type cakesGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenGet a cake made for a special occasion
Convienience Store: OXXOGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenHave atm for up to 3,000 pesos; more expensive than local bank. You can charge your cell phone; pay your power bill, get junk food and Ice
Fresh Cheese: Lacteos Y Derivados BelenGroceries - Fish - Meat - Chicken Panela,queso fresco, asadero : these are not aged cheese
Ice Cream: Michoacan HeladosRestaurants & Taco Stands
Street Tacos & BirriaRestaurants & Taco StandsPretty darn good!
Restaurant: Large Menu; AngelitaRestaurants & Taco StandsVery clean; menu in English and Spanish; breakfast and lunch
BBQ Chicken, Hot, Fresh: Pollos AsadaRestaurants & Taco StandsComes with tortillas, a thin salsa and rice; you can ask for the chicken only.
Ice Cream, Desserts: Pepe PastelriaRestaurants & Taco StandsCakes
La Tertulia: Restaurant serves dinnerRestaurants & Taco StandsHamburgers, sandwiches, pizza, desserts
Restaurant RositaRestaurants & Taco StandsFairly large restaurant ; clean and well managed
Money Exchange: Agencia CambioBanking & ExchangeBanks will not change dollars to pesos.  You will lose about 10% in the bargain at money exchange.  You are better off using a debit card.  
Bank, ATM: BancomerBanking & Exchange 2017 Unfortunately most international cards either don't work or are only allowed a 2,000 peso withdrawal. We recommend bring the pesos you need before you reach Chacala
Money Exchange Azteca BankBanking & ExchangeNo ATM; They will change $300 to pesos; the rate is only 3% less then current exchange rate. Requires a passport and usually about a 15 minute wait in line.
Western UnionBanking & ExchangeWire in money; send telegrams
OXXO no longer has an ATM machineBanking & ExchangeRemoved machine in November 2016
DMV, Police, Other Taxes; TransitoGovernment OfficesRegister car, get plates, and pay annual vehicle fees. Pay employee tax. Traffic  police are in the back.
Pay Property Tax: Impuesto PredialGovernment Offices
Mexico Post Office: Officina De CorreoGovernment OfficesDon't ship things of much value they are likely to dissappear
Pacifico Bus Station-North & TaxisTransportationThe bus from Puerto Vallarta stops here. You can catch buses to Tepic Guadalajara and points north of Las Varas. The colectivo to Chacala is back one small block south on the road you came in on. (purple # 82 icon) 
Pacifico Bus Station-SouthTransportationBuses to PV every 20 minutes.  Bus to San Blas can be caught around the corner on Revolution Pte Street.  Ask for times at bus station
Chacala ColectivosTransportationThey run between Las Varas and Chacala 7 am to about 5 pm when the vans fill with people.  Currently 15 pesos each way.
Gasoline: PemexTransportationThere also are Pemexes north and south of town a few kilometers. 
Mechanic & Auto Parts: Refracionaria PadillaTransportation
Mechanic & Auto Parts Refracionario RomeroTransportation
Auto Parts: Lario's RefracionarioTransportationCar batteries
Auto Parts: RefracionariaTransportation
Kodak ExpressCommunicationMuch like one hour photo in US but probably will take a bit longer. You can get pictures for various Mexican bureaucracy cards done here. Chip and CD reading capability
Cell Phones: Tel CellCommunicationCell phones, phone packages, phone credit. There are several outlets in Las Varas
Copies, Office Supplies: PapelariaCommunication
Computer Repair, Internet Access: CyberCommunicationComputer & Laptop repair; some computer supplies. Internet and computer access using their computers.  
Cell Phones: Tel CellCommunicationCell phones, phone packages, phone credit, minor cell phone repairs
Printer: Imprenta Impresora De La CostaCommunicationHave Banners, signs, forms etc. printed
Computer Repair: NetCommunication
Security Systems, Vertical Sliding Steel Doors: Cortinas Automatico La RivieraCommunicationThey sell computer compatible security systems with cameras, etc.
Paper & Office supplies; Copies; PapelariaCommunicationPossibly the largest supplier of office supplies
CopiesCommunicationYour going to need them for Transito
Florist: Floreia PetalitosGrooming
Underwear: Boneteria La CoquetaGroomingMen and women underwear; large selection 
Hairdresser Unixex: Estetica UnisexGroomingWomen and men
Florist: Floria BorayoGrooming
Laundry, Laundromat: Lavandaria AnaGroomingWash and dry your own clothes; or have them wash, dried and folded for you
Florist: Floria SandraGrooming
Sewing Supplies & Fabrics: Meerceria & RegalosGrooming
Women's Clothes Trendy: ScandalosoGrooming
Joyaria Santa Fe: silver jewleryGroomingFabrication & repair; selection displayed
Men's HaircutsGrooming
Laundromat, second hand clothes: Bazar PaquzGrooming
Hardware Store: Ferreteria El KoraHouse & Garden
Hardware Store: Ferreteria TodoHouse & Garden
House Paint: ComexHouse & GardenSome English, Brushes, Rollers. Roof sealant, stains, two part polyurethane, sandpaper
TV, Radio Repair: Bazar BettyHouse & GardenHouse telephones, miniature disc batteries for electronics, surge protectors etc.
Plastic Items: Plastico ChuyitoHouse & GardenHousewares
Hardware: Ferreteria Las MascotaHouse & GardenA  large hardware store with a wide selection; some power tools 
Electrical & Plumbing Supplies: Ferre Electrica AlonsoHouse & Garden
Homewares: Articulos Para El HogarHouse & GardenCeramic and plastic plates, bowls, etc. Pots and pans, buckets, clothespins, etc.
Furniture, Appliances: Valdez BaluarteHouse & GardenI have found the price for appliances to be less locally then in the package stores in PV.
Furniture and AppliancesHouse & GardenI have found the price for appliances to be less locally then in the package stores in PV.
Building Suppies: KoranayHouse & GardenLarge selection, will deliver sand, gravel, etc. One of the largest in town. A selection of hardware as well.
Fertilizer, Herbicides, Pesticides: Agropecuaria FlorezHouse & GardenCarlos speaks English. Sprayers
Locksmith: LlavesHouse & GardenKeys made while you wait.  Hugo will come and change all your locks (keys)
Building Matierials: Apasco FerreteriaHouse & GardenOne of the largest: selection including hardware, tiles, toilets, sinks,dump truck delivery of gravel, soil, etc.
Water Purification, Pool Supplies; Albercas Y Equipos De BahiaHouse & GardenUltraviolet water purification systems; pool Supplies
House Paint: DupontHouse & GardenSome English, Brushes, Rollers. Roof sealant, stains, two part polyurethane, sandpaper
Iron Fabricator: MendozaHouse & GardenFermin Mendoza very competitive prices land line: 272-1453 Spanish only
Cabinet Makers: CarpenteriaHouse & GardenInside the gate; right across the street from the Iron Fabricator
Cabinet Maker: CarpenteriaHouse & Garden
Steel, Aluminum, Hardware :Aceros Y TubularesHouse & GardenSteel construction products such as tubes, hollow bars for railing, strapping, some aluminum products will cut to size; an interesting hardware selection. Ask about large ware house with aluminum and iron stock and lots of other items
Iron Fabrication; Cesar'sHouse & GardenHe is deaf; but reads lips in Spanish. Sometimes he has assistants that speak some English. Delivers to neighboring villages. (Chacala)
Pine Boards, Plywood : Maderaria Los PinosHouse & GardenDry 1'' surfaced pine boards: 1"X 6,8,10 &12" X 10 feet long. Plywood and wafer board
Aluminum Windows, Screens, Glass: TavarezHouse & GardenStreet #74 Juan Tavares Cel: 327 104 3963 Spanish Only. Also makes aluminum picture frames that look like molded wood.
Glass, Mirrors, Picture Frames; VidrieriaHouse & GardenWill cut glass; make wood and aluminum picture frames; mount pictures...
Appliance Repair: Refrigeracion La FuenteHouse & GardenLots of parts in stock...Repair refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, etc. Land Line; 272 2612
Fruit Tree Nursery: ViveroHouse & GardenPretty much only fruit trees that are grown in this region
24 hour home visits to Chacala: speaks EnglishMedical & EmergenciesDoctor Sanchez 24 hour home visits Cell: 327 103 5910 Speaks English
Electo Muebles; Appliances & furniture
Fruteria Bugarine: fruits & veggiesGroceries - Fish - Meat - ChickenNice selection: some refrigerated