Learning Center – Centro de Aprendizaje

Niños Primero Welcomes Volunteers!

Come to the learning center and volunteer your time.

After School Program:  3:00-5:00, Monday – Friday

Come for 45 min or an hour – pick a day and a time between 3:00 and 5:00!
Come once a week or just once.
All visits welcomed & appreciated.

A Letter from the Director

Dear fellow Chacala residents,

Lucky you!
Pick a day and have some fun with our Early Learners! Anything from Dominoes to Dancing works for our youth and their wonderful after school program! (thanks to you)

Contact Landy Muñoz at:    nube_blanca2@hotmail.com
Remember, you can do a one time activity or plan for a regular slot.  The kids would love to meet you either way – so come on board and help us to make 2014-15 an inspirational year for all of us!

Thank you!

Landy – Niños Primero Director
Jessica – Niños Primero Substitute Director
c/o Juan – Amado Nervo Primary School Teacher

List Of Materials Needed – Lista De Materiales

There are 15 students so sets of 15 would be ideal.

  • Pencils : Lapices
  • Pens : Plumas o lapiceras
  • Journal Booklets: Libre
  • Crayons : Crayolas
  • Text Markers: Marcatextos
  • Erasers for pencils & for dry erase boards : Borradores
  • Student pencil sharpeners: Sacapuntas
  • Colored Markers: Macadores
  • Scissors for students: Tijeras
  • Rulers for students: Reglas
  • Colored Pencils: Colores
  • Acrylic paint: Pinturas acuarelas
  • Glue sticks: Pegamento en barra
  • National and global maps in Spanish: Mapas en espańol
  • Reading books in Spanish for primary school students (grade 1 to 6): Libros de lectura en espańol
  • Coloring books: Libros para colorear
  • Colored printer copy paper: Hojas de color
  • Manipulatives for math enhancement, materials for classroom art projects like beads for making jewelry: Cuentas para collares/pulseras o material para manualidades