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Note: the print map is not up-to-date, cross-check with the online map below for changes and additionsLas Varas is a traditional Mexican town of about 14,000 residents. Be prepared to use your Spanish here. It does not cater to tourism but does offer many of the services tourists look for.

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Chacala is 12km from Las Varas and is sometimes referred to as a sister village. In Las Varas you can do your banking, shop for groceries, have a meal, go to the outdoor market every Friday on the west side of Highway 200, get your teeth fixed, buy furniture, put tires on your car, and much more. Prices are generally cheaper in Las Varas in comparison to prices in La Penita. There are a number of locations offering medical services as well. There is a local branch of the IMSS here which offers medical services as part of the Mexican health care service.

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Las Varas Nyarit Business Map

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