Las Varas Nyarit Business Maps For Gringos

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Note: the print map is not up-to-date, cross-check with the online map below for changes and additionsLas Varas is a traditional Mexican town of about 14,000 residents. Be prepared to use your Spanish here. It does not cater to tourism but does offer many of the services tourists look for.

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Chacala is 12km from Las Varas and is sometimes referred to as a sister village. In Las Varas you can do your banking, shop for groceries, have a meal, go to the outdoor market every Friday on the west side of Highway 200, get your teeth fixed, buy furniture, put tires on your car, and much more. Prices are generally cheaper in Las Varas in comparison to prices in La Penita. There are a number of locations offering medical services as well. There is a local branch of the IMSS here which offers medical services as part of the Mexican health care service.

This map works the same as the Chacala Map. Use the “Filter by” drop-down list to select the category of business you are looking for, or go to the bottom of the list where a “Search” box will take you right to a business listing if you know the name or even part of the name. The list below the map will display all the place markers on the map, or if you have selected a category using the “Filter by” feature it will show only the businesses in that category. Click on any item in the list and it will take you to the map and show you where it is on the map. Click any marker on the map and it will display the information for that location.

Las Varas Nyarit Business Map

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Hospital: IMSS
Medical Clinic; Servicios De Salud
M.D.G. Fernando Olivia; Medical Doctor
Pharmacy: Benevida
Dentist Teseo & Optometrist
Dentist: Dentista Ramon
Dentist, Dentista Ileana
Health Lab: Labratorio San Rafeal
Natural Health Remedies: Tienda Naturista
Axel Pharmacy
Lab Tests: Hermad Lab
Pharmacy: Farmacia Gutierez
Pharmacy:Farmo Pronto
Generic Pharmacy: Farmacias General
Veterinarian; Orozco
Veterinarian; Sandoval
Groceries, All Sorts: Abarrotes Lorena
Candy, Nuts: Dulceria Comena
Fruits & Vegies: Fruteria Sanchez
Groceries & Dry Goods: Aborrotes MX
Fresh Corn Torillas: Tortillaria
Groceries: Abarrotes Monteon
Groceries All Sorts: Aborrotes Saldwar
Butcher; Monroy Gradilla Carnaceria
Refrigerated Meat: Carneceria Jara
Fresh Butchered Chicken: Polleria Murillo
Fresh Fish, Shrimp: Pescadera Coral
Grocery Store; La Abeja
Large Super Market: Bodrga Aurrera
Groceries; Rosita's Aborrotes
Wendy's Repostero; Birthday type cakes
Convienience Store: OXXO
Fresh Cheese: Lacteos Y Derivados Belen
Ice Cream: Michoacan Helados
Street Tacos & Birria
Restaurant: Large Menu; Angelita
BBQ Chicken, Hot, Fresh: Pollos Asada
Ice Cream, Desserts: Pepe Pastelria
La Tertulia: Restaurant serves dinner
Restaurant Rosita
Money Exchange: Agencia Cambio
Bank, ATM: Bancomer
Money Exchange Azteca Bank
Western Union
OXXO no longer has an ATM machine
DMV, Police, Other Taxes; Transito
Pay Property Tax: Impuesto Predial
Mexico Post Office: Officina De Correo
Pacifico Bus Station-North & Taxis
Pacifico Bus Station-South
Chacala Colectivos
Gasoline: Pemex
Mechanic & Auto Parts: Refracionaria Padilla
Mechanic & Auto Parts Refracionario Romero
Auto Parts: Lario's Refracionario
Auto Parts: Refracionaria
Kodak Express
Cell Phones: Tel Cell
Copies, Office Supplies: Papelaria
Computer Repair, Internet Access: Cyber
Cell Phones: Tel Cell
Printer: Imprenta Impresora De La Costa
Computer Repair: Net
Security Systems, Vertical Sliding Steel Doors: Cortinas Automatico La Riviera
Paper & Office supplies; Copies; Papelaria
Florist: Floreia Petalitos
Underwear: Boneteria La Coqueta
Hairdresser Unixex: Estetica Unisex
Florist: Floria Borayo
Laundry, Laundromat: Lavandaria Ana
Florist: Floria Sandra
Sewing Supplies & Fabrics: Meerceria & Regalos
Women's Clothes Trendy: Scandaloso
Joyaria Santa Fe: silver jewlery
Men's Haircuts
Laundromat, second hand clothes: Bazar Paquz
Hardware Store: Ferreteria El Kora
Hardware Store: Ferreteria Todo
House Paint: Comex
TV, Radio Repair: Bazar Betty
Plastic Items: Plastico Chuyito
Hardware: Ferreteria Las Mascota
Electrical & Plumbing Supplies: Ferre Electrica Alonso
Homewares: Articulos Para El Hogar
Furniture, Appliances: Valdez Baluarte
Furniture and Appliances
Building Suppies: Koranay
Fertilizer, Herbicides, Pesticides: Agropecuaria Florez
Locksmith: Llaves
Building Matierials: Apasco Ferreteria
Water Purification, Pool Supplies; Albercas Y Equipos De Bahia
House Paint: Dupont
Iron Fabricator: Mendoza
Cabinet Makers: Carpenteria
Cabinet Maker: Carpenteria
Steel, Aluminum, Hardware :Aceros Y Tubulares
Iron Fabrication; Cesar's
Pine Boards, Plywood : Maderaria Los Pinos
Aluminum Windows, Screens, Glass: Tavarez
Glass, Mirrors, Picture Frames; Vidrieria
Appliance Repair: Refrigeracion La Fuente
Fruit Tree Nursery: Vivero
24 hour home visits to Chacala: speaks English
Electo Muebles; Appliances & furniture
Fruteria Bugarine: fruits & veggies